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YONGLIXIN GARMENT ACCESSORY CO.LTD is located at the superior position of Guangzhou Panyu district. We have over 10 years production experience. We are specialized in trade marks, such as woven labels, printed labels, stickers, hag tags. Products are widely used in clothing, shoes, bags, hat, hangbags and other categories. We have the world’s most advanted production lines,

l       Woven labels department has a Swiss 12- colour Muller loom, ultra high- speed computers trademark jet loom.

l       Printed label department has a 6-colour flexographic machine, 6- colour offset presses.

l       Printing department has a 4- colour Heidelberg printing presses.

l       Also the posterior restoration department has a muller ultrasonic trademark slitting machine, a laser machine, a shear folding machine.

There are other world advanced machines available in our factory.


We provide services to clients all over the world and have a great popularities among the industry. The first- class professional technician and equipment are our guarantee.The spirit of management philosophy "first-class management" and "first-class quality", "first-class efficiency", adhere to the standardized production management "people-oriented", and strive to build the largest textile enterprises in South China.

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