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Common washing clothing logo

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common washing clothing logo


    Clothing logo called durability. It is mainly two aspects with components and content of raw materials, washing methods for guidancing consumers. it should be correct maintenance during wearing process. we can identify clothing texture and feature from durability logo and indicated ingredients. In addition, we can also see more professional design on these label , in fact, it is with strong authority to tell us the washing method.



                common washing clothing logo


    Ready-made clothing generally hang a variety of identity as requirment. These identification of guiding significance to consumers, such as collar, cuffs sites marked on the trademark. It is easy for consumers to identify the brand and choose clothing as side seams are marked with specifications, size in the collar, hanging tags is in the most obvious place and together with all information about clothing. For clothing brand, composition, size, and whether do the test qualified with a comprehensive introduction. But these are not the most important. Today what we want to focus on little logo which hides in the clothes, and plays the most crucial role in the clothes.


    It is easy to see a loss about these kinds of patternsBut look closely together, in fact, there are five categories about washed identifies in common, washing mark has evolution based on the groovepatternEither it wash by machineor wash by hand with logo explanation。 The figure of groove stand for the highest temperature standards. If there is a hand inside the groove, then this dress can only rub gentlySo if it appears a fork in groove, it means clothes can not be washed. Some fabrics are easy to shrink like cotton, Another fabrics are easy to dry like chemical, blended fiber It is easy to be wounded with metal ornaments. However, they all can be washed.


Recognize dry cleaning logo, just remember the circle. As for the inside of letters change, that is the requirements for dry-cleaningif the circle draw on a fork and be sure not to dry cleaning which is only for professional dry cleanersWool, silk clothing is easy to lose luster, but silk is washing shrinkageseriously with hollow flowers, they are presented with dry logo。 Regard the issue on using bleachbleach, according to the triangle or triangular flask pattern, which means you can use bleach treatment.If there is with a fork that it can’t be bleached.It is not only easy to break down the fiber with bleach but also is only suitable for monochrome cotton have better not use bleach in case of pressing.


    Clothes drying is also a maintenance methods. Drying logo is a pattern, which means that you can hang up the sun. if it has a little twill on clothes, which means that it dry in a cool place after dehydration . There is a "flat", which is to be hanging flat drying instead of multiple forks. There are some fabric like cotton, knitted soft with material sloppy, complex structure, equally shared, you can hang synthetic material as it dries fast.


    The final step of sorting clothes is ironing. Clothing materials showed different results at differenttemperatures. If there is iron logo with ripple, it means ironing need mattress and the following if a few more bars, indicating a need to ironing use steam iron。 Secondly, the temperature of iron tip isidentifying by the above points 。 A dot indicates iron temperature should not exceed 110 degrees. Twopoint represents the maximum temperature is150 degreesAs for three point represents the highesttemperature is 200 degrees。 Be sure to see few points in the end before ironingOf course, you canchoose a good temperature with natural fiber whose temperature is goodthe fiber is not heat and aurora while ironing should be low or with mattress




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