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Emphasis flame retardant properties on exported garment accessory

Date:2013-5-21From: Author:admin Click:9849 Frequency

  Consumers are increasingly concerned aboutquality and safety issue of clothing, domestic and foreign institutions havebecome strictly on imported textile and apparel。


The major indicator of affecting textiles’quality is flame retardant properties。 It is understood, Europe and UnitedStates flame safety regulation providing three levels of combustion ontextile。One for the general combustion characteristics; two for moderatecombustion characteristics; three for the rapid and intense burning。As such textileswith extremely rapid, intense burning, posing a fire hazard regard as dangerousflammable。It is not suitable for made clothing, especially children’s clothing。


According to the analysis, there are twopoints resulting in textiles and clothing flame retardant failed: First: somegarment processing enterprise needs to be improved risk awareness duringproduction , using too thin textile raw materials during production anddetecting on the flame retardant properties of end product.There are flaws inclothing design of company’s product, some garment accessory used feathersdecoration, leading to such clothing burns easily.


In this regard, China’s entry-exitinspection and quarantine departments suggested the relevant enterprise:

First of all, mastering foreign technicalregulations。 Export garment production enterprises should pay attention to theregulation in foreign textile and clothing, accurate knowledge of laws andregulations and organize production in accordance with the requirement of the exportingcountry。

The second, to choose raw material supplierwith good integrity, large-scale, detection perfect during procurement andprovide flame retardant test report for bringing the good raw materials mark.

Third, enterprises should carry out initialsample design to predict risk assessment and control strictly the productdevelopment process, avoiding design errors in result of quality control.

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