Sld™ 420 drop, we shot this yesterday. Tee available at blah blah, whatever, you know the drill,  the bag of Doritos™ was my idea. 

Smoke safe bros. 

photoshop on the caption was too next level, so nobody on facebook saw my grandma bj joke , but you guys get me right ?

progress on the oils , had I fix construction a billion times :(

discovered this amaizng painter and she’s only 22

super jealous

follow her


Portrait (looking down)
20” x 18”
oil on canvas

The mermaids in peter pan are the set the standard for what would later be refereed to as "Bitch Face".

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Under painting , 4 hrs , oil on canvas


New favorite song. Love this shit. 

hey dirtay, baby i got no money

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just ignore the crappy parts


A cartoon of my wife.