well, the “on to the next thing” feeling is what’s satisfying. but no, i can’t say i’m proud of anything i’ve completed

Dear Reader,

This is the gauge of true talent, that no matter how much you are showered with success and praise, you must maintain a healthy hatred with yourself and your work. 


Sketch, by Reza Riahi.

ok wow, after this reblog, i’ll stop

i’ve been trying to chill out on the rebloggin’ but some things are too good to pass up

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likeness game is weak last couple days , good news is bought first set of COPIC markers , ocean tones , everything’s gonna be blue

lunchtime doodle

Sld™ 420 drop, we shot this yesterday. Tee available at blah blah, whatever, you know the drill,  the bag of Doritos™ was my idea. 

Smoke safe bros. 

photoshop on the caption was too next level, so nobody on facebook saw my grandma bj joke , but you guys get me right ?

progress on the oils , had I fix construction a billion times :(

discovered this amaizng painter and she’s only 22

super jealous

follow her


Portrait (looking down)
20” x 18”
oil on canvas

The mermaids in peter pan are the set the standard for what would later be refereed to as "Bitch Face".

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Under painting , 4 hrs , oil on canvas